The Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet

Jun 14, 2022

The Cheat Sheet is a swoon-worthy, sweet, adorable romance between American football quarterback Nathan Donelson and aspiring ballet instructor Bree Camden, who suffers a severe accident, ruling out her chances of dancing professionally. 

Bree now owns her own dance studio and is struggling to pay the rent, so Nathan decides to buy the building and lower her rate. Angering independent Bree, they go out to a bar (for a player's birthday) and she has a little too much to drink, revealing a massive secret to a TMZ gossip reporter, (she has been secretly in love with Nathan since they first met in high school!) Nathan’s press team decide that in order to keep his public image safe, he and Bree must fake a romance. As one thing leads to another, and Nathan and Bree have to pretend to be in love for three weeks, they both start to question what is fake and what is real...

I just loved this book so much, the playful banter, friendly ribbing and mini competitions just warmed my soul! The love and support that they both share for each other was so enjoyable and entertaining to read. From best friends to lovers is my favourite book trope so the idea of them being very close friends for six years before ‘officially’ getting together only improved their chemistry. Plus, the fake romance also showed their vulnerability, which added depth to both characters, making the romance feel more authentic and less like a cliche. This book was a slow burn, which in some cases can be boring but the pace was just right and the narrative was beautifully written by Sarah Adams, allowing the tension to build, making for a jaw-dropping ending - which I will not spoil. All in all, the book was fabulous. 

5/5 stars, a million if I could! Yes, I loved the book that much.

Age rating (in my opinion): 13/14 and up!


By Abbie Rose Humphreys
Aged 14

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