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JungleGirl Mia

JungleGirl Mia

Nov 01, 2022

  • Children
Getting lots of likes on her @junglegirl account makes 12-year-old Mia happy. Her online popularity skyrockets after she moves to a house next to a Singapore nature reserve and starts sharing real animal photos from her garden. The thing is, Mia loves animals – but as a toy or on a screen. Not on her kitchen table, like the banana-pilfering macaque she encounters the first morning in her new house. And the bigger @junglegirl gets, the harder it becomes for Mia to admit that she is scared of the wild, and that boy-next-door Kalim snaps most of her pictures. Can the haze enfolding Asia, threatening people, forests and animals alike, offer Mia a chance to set things right?

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