A	History	of	Classical	Malay	Literature

A History of Classical Malay Literature

by Liaw Yock Fang

This is a detailed, narrative-based history of Classical Malay Literature.

It covers a wide range of Malay texts, including folk literature; the influence of the Indian epics and shadow theatre literature; Panji tales; the transition from Hindu to Muslim literary models; Muslim literature; framed tales; theological literature; historical literature; legal codes; and the dominant forms of poetry, the pantun and syair.

The author describes the background to each of these particular literary periods. He engages in depth with specific texts, their various manuscripts, and their contents. In so doing, he draws attention to the historical complexity of traditional Malay society, its worldviews, and its place within the wider framework of human experience.

Dr Liaw’s A History of Classical Malay Literature will be of benefit to beginning students of Malay Literature and to established scholars alike. It can also be read with benefit by those with a wider interest in Comparative Literature and in Southeast Asian culture in general.

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Preliminary pages
1. Folk Literature
2. The Indian Epics and the Wayang in Malay Literature
3. Javanese Panji Stories
4. Literature Belonging to the Period of Transition from Hinduism to Islam
5. Literature of the Islamic Age
6. Framed Narratives
7. The Literature of Islamic Theology
8. Historical Literature
9. Classical Malay Law Codes
10. Poetic Forms (Pantun and Syair)
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About Author

Liaw Yock Fang

Liaw Yock Fang was born in Singapore on 14 September 1936. He received his BA in Indonesian Language and Literature from the University of Indonesia in 1963 and was awarded the MA degree in 1965. He then received the degrees of Doctorandus (MA) from Leiden University in 1971 and Doctor of Letters in 1976. His doctoral dissertation was a study of the Undang-undang Melaka.