A	View	from	the	Highlands:	Archaeology	and	Settlement	History	of	West	Sumatra,	Indonesia	(Bibliography)

A View from the Highlands: Archaeology and Settlement History of West Sumatra, Indonesia (Bibliography)

by Mai Lin Tjoa-Bonatz

This book analyses the rise of the settlement system in the heartland of the Minangkabau region in the highlands of West Sumatra, Indonesia. It explores the regional settlement pattern arising from Adityavarman’s highland interregnum (c. 1347–75), and provides the first attempt to place the archaeological remains and the landscape of Tanah Datar, a fertile plain in the highlands of West Sumatra, in a cultural historic synthesis. The core of this research consisted of excavations at Bukit Gombak and Bukit Kincir. Bukit Gombak was a central place in Adityavarman’s kingdom, and provides evidence of the organization and material development of this political entity. Surveys uncovered other settlements that could be examined in relation to each other and to sites from earlier and later periods, and used to sketch out the settlement history of Tanah Datar from prehistoric times to the colonial period. The book consists of detailed studies of metal, ceramics and glass finds by laboratory-based specialists as well as careful descriptions of stone, clay and other finds.

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  • Publisher : ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute
  • Publication Date : 2019-11-11
  • Product Code : 9789814843027C06

About Author

Mai Lin Tjoa-Bonatz

Mai Lin Tjoa-Bonatz is Curator of the Golden Lotus Foundation Singapore.