Between The Lines

Between The Lines

by National Library Collection, Singapore

Between the Lines: Early Advertising in Singapore welcomes us to the rich world of early print advertising in Singapore. This comprehensive pictorial collection not only gives us a vivid overview of two centuries’-worth of advertising copy and artwork, but also acts as a fascinating insight into the shifting social dynamics of Singapore as the nation underwent fundamental change.

The book is composed of eight sections, with each taking a deep dive into the advertising of a particular product or service, including hospitality, entertainment, fashion, household and travel. Readers can see how icons like Raffles Hotel and the Adelphi were promoted to discerning travellers of the 1930s, or how postwar homemakers were first targeted by ads for newfangled gadgets like refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.

The more than 400 ad images are complemented by insightful commentaries that provide valuable context to the campaigns, helping us understand the minds of both advertiser and consumer, which, by extension, opens a window to the social conditions of Singapore.

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  • Binding : Hardback
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About Author

National Library Collection, Singapore

The images have been carefully curated from the National Library Collection, Singapore, by a team of librarians, historians and researchers. The commentaries are provided by several distinguished writers and experts on Singaporean heritage, including a lead essay by Yu-Mei Balasangimchow.