Bilateral	Legacies	in	East	and	Southeast	Asia

Bilateral Legacies in East and Southeast Asia

by N Ganesan

This edited volume examines the concept of overhangs or legacies or negative stereotypical images in international relations and their impact on bilateral relations between geographically proximate states in East Asia. The case studies chosen ⎯ Japan-Korea, Japan-China, Vietnam-China, Thailand-Myanmar and Thailand-Cambodia ⎯ demonstrate conclusively that bilateral overhangs or legacies have a significant impact on contemporary international relations. Such images are regularly replicated and stoked by a variety of constituencies, including state agencies, for their own selfish interests. The evidence also points to the fact that such bilateral relationships are relatively self-contained and often operate with their own dynamics. Powerful condensation symbols are appropriated to weave a story of the virtuous self and the stereotypical other. This negative image and its replication is important to an understanding of turbulent bilateral relations in East Asia and also helps to inform how such relations can be brought to an even keel.

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Preliminary pages
1. Historical Legacies in East and Southeast Asian International Relations
2. Historical Overhang or Legacy is What States Make of It: The Role of Realism and Morality in Korea-Japan Relations
3. The History Conundrum in Japan's Relations with China
4. China-Vietnam Bilateral Overhang or Legacy
5. Legacy or Overhang: Historical Memory in Myanmar-Thai Relations
6. Glorifying the Inglorious Past: Historical Overhangs or Legacies in Thai-Cambodian Relations
7. Comparing Bilateral Overhangs or Legacies in East Asia

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About Author

N Ganesan

N. Ganesan is Professor of Southeast Asian Politics at the Hiroshima Peace Institute in Japan where he has been since 2004 and from 2011 to 2013 served concurrently as Visiting Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo.