Catching	the	Wind:	Penang	in	a	Rising	Asia

Catching the Wind: Penang in a Rising Asia

by Francis E. Hutchinson

However impressive the economic success of Penang has been over the past four decades, structural conditions in the region call for a fundamental reconfiguration of this Malaysian state’s competitive advantage.

In the 1970s, the ageing entrepôt transformed itself into a manufacturing hub for the electronics industry and a well-known tourist site. This outward-looking model of economic growth has underpinned Penang’s economic development up until the present. The question that now arises is whether Penang’s present mode of development will continue to be effective, or whether it will have to transform itself.
First, Malaysia in general, and Penang in particular are caught in a middle-income trap. Second, while the evolving weight of the global economy is shifting towards Asia, many of its emerging powers are competing with Penang in areas where it formerly excelled. Third, Penang is a state within a federation, and its capital, George Town, is a secondary city. Neither can rival Kuala Lumpur in terms of size or facilities, and thus must offer investors other attributes.

Effectively meeting these challenges while retaining Penang’s vibrant and living culture are the key issues that are dealt with in this second volume of the Penang Studies Series.

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Preliminary pages
1. Situating Penang in Asia and Malaysia
2. George Town, Penang: Managing a Multicultural World Heritage Site
3. Heritage as Knowledge: Time, Space, and Culture in Penang
4. Heritage Conservation and Muslims in George Town
5. Investment Opportunities in Penang
6. Penang in the New Asian Economy: Skills Development & Future Human Resource Challenges
7. PBA Holdings Bhd: The Road to Privatisation, Corporatisation and Beyond
8. Penang’s Technology Opportunities
9. Building a Temporary Second Home: Japanese Long-stay Retirees in Penang
10. Medical Tourism in Penang: A Brief Review of the Sector
11. Penang’s Halal Industry

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About Author

Francis E. Hutchinson

Francis E. Hutchinson is Research Fellow and Coordinator of the Regional Economic Studies Programme at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.