Competition	Law,	Regulation	and	SMEs	in	the	Asia-Pacific:	Understanding	the	Small	Business	Perspective

Competition Law, Regulation and SMEs in the Asia-Pacific: Understanding the Small Business Perspective

by MIchael T. Schaper

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for more than 90 per cent of all businesses in the Asia-Pacific region —  an area which is rapidly updating its competition laws and regulations to encourage greater entrepreneurship and open, dynamic economies.

Yet SMEs are almost invisible when those competition policies and laws are developed and enforced. SMEs are often quite different businesses than large, multinational corporations, but their nature, significance and characteristics are often overlooked.

This book seeks to rectify the relative neglect in research and policy discussions on the role of the SME sector in competition policy and law. Drawing on contributions from a wide range of competition regulators, lawyers, academics, consultants and advisers to the SME sector, it addresses such important issues as:

  • perceptions and views of small businesses about competition law;
  • regulator engagement and education of the SME sector;
  • the link between competition law and economic growth;
  • franchising, SMEs and competition law;
  • issues in enforcing competition law against SMEs;
  • the role of Chinese family firms;
  • trade, professional and industry associations;
  • country case studies from Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong SAR, Japan and the Pacific Islands.

“This book is an important step in remedying the gaps in our knowledge and policy of this important area.” —Dr Alan Bollard, Executive Director, APEC Secretariat

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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction: Making the Invisible SME More Visible in Competition Policy and Law
2. SMEs, Competition Law, and Economic Growth
3. Competition Policy and SME Policy: Strange Bedfellows?
4. The Competition Experience of UK SMEs: Fair and Unfair
5. Competition Regulator Engagement with the Small Business Sector
6. Developing Online Competition Law Education Tools for SMEs
7. The Application of Per Ses to SMEs: The Type 1 Error No One Notices?
8. Enforcing Competition Law Against SMEs: Presumptions and Problems
9. How Competition Law May Affect Franchised SMEs in APEC Economies
10. Chinese Family Firms in Southeast Asia: Special Problems for Competition Law?
11. Trade Associations: Competition Law Advocates or Offenders?
12. Competition Law, Regulation, and Trade: Implications for Productivity and Innovation in Singaporean Manufacturing SMEs
13. SME Law and Abuse of a Superior Bargaining Position in Japan
14. Competition Law, Policy, and SMEs in South Korea
15. Competition Law Implementation and SMEs: SIngapore's Experience
16. Competition Law and SMEs in Indonesia
17. SMEs and Malaysia's New Competition Law: Experiences to Date
18. Competition Policy and SME Development in Vietnam
19. China's Anti-Monopoly Law and the SME Sector
20. A New Competition Agency Learns to Deal with SMEs: The Case of the Hong Kong Competition Commission
21. The Regulation of Television Programme Production Contracts under Japan's Subcontract Act
22. Small Enterprises and Competition Policy in Pacific Island Countries

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About Author

MIchael T. Schaper

Michael T. Schaper is currently Deputy Chariman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).