Coolgear Kids Snack Stacker Red/ Blue Cap

Coolgear Kids Snack Stacker Red/ Blue Cap

Perfect for those with a busy schedule that like to snack happy and healthy! Our Snack Stacker is BPA free and snaps together seamlessly for convenient munching on-the-go. The dry snack container is great for yogurt toppings, the snack cup with freezer gel lid is perfect for applesauce or fruit and the double wall yogurt container with freezer gel fits most prepackaged 6 oz yogurt cups. Choose from four vibrant colors and keep your snacks cold and fresh all day long!

BPA free.

Non-toxic freezer gel keeps food colder, longer.

Containers snap together for convenient packing and travel.

Dry Snack Container: 8.5 Cups (201 mL), Snack Cup: 9.5 Cups (224 mL),Yogurt

Container: 1.2 Cups (283 mL).

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Product Details

  • Publisher : Smash
  • Weight : 380g
  • Product Code : CG1677REDBLUE
  • Dimension : 270 x 61 x 95 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : 5
  • Oldest Recommended Age : 50
  • Material Type : PLASTIC