Danger Dan And Gadget Girl #1: The Anima

Danger Dan And Gadget Girl #1: The Anima

by Lesley-Anne Tan, Monica Lim

Danny and Melody are back together again, except this time, they’re in Melody’s world! Welcome to Singapore 2135, where cars travel the skyways, the grass is so soft you can sleep on it, and everything runs perfectly. Danny is thrilled with the brilliant gadgets...but some things are not quite what they seem.

In The Animal Abduction, a new secret friend brings trouble to the Zoo! Danger Dan and Gadget Girl have to clean up the mess before it grows to elephant proportions. And Danger Dan has to face his greatest archenemy once more - the Cockroach!

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Product Details

  • Number of Pages : 136
  • Publisher : Epigram
  • Publication Date : 2016-01-04
  • Weight : 120g
  • Product Code : 9789814757027
  • Dimension : 140 x 215 x 10 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : 12
  • Oldest Recommended Age : 99