Digital	Indonesia:	Connectivity	and	Divergence

Digital Indonesia: Connectivity and Divergence

by Edwin Jurriens

This book places Indonesia at the forefront of the global debate about the impact of "disruptive" digital technologies. Digital technology is fast becoming the core of life, work, culture and identity. Yet, while the number of Indonesians using the internet has followed the upward global trend, some groups — the poor, the elderly, women, the less well-educated, people living in remote communities  — are disadvantaged. This interdisciplinary collection of essays by leading researchers and scholars, as well as e-governance and e-commerce insiders, examines the impact of digitalisation on the media industry, governance, commerce, informal sector employment, education, cybercrime, terrorism, religion, artistic and cultural expression, and much more. It presents groundbreaking analysis of the impact of digitalisation in one of the worlds most diverse, geographically vast nations. In weighing arguments about the opportunities and challenges presented by digitalisation, it puts the very idea of a technological revolution into critical perspective.

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Preliminary pages
1. Challenges and opportunities of the digital "revolution" in Indonesia
2. An insider's view of e-governance under Jokowi: political promise or technocratic vision?
3. Mobile phones: advertising, consumerism and class
4. The political economy of digital media
5. Narrowing the digital divide
6. Laws, crackdowns and control mechanisms: digital platforms and the state
7. The state of cybersecurity in Indonesia
8. Digital activism in contemporary Indonesia: victims, volunteers and voices
9. Social media and Islamic practice: Indonesian ways of being digitally pious
10. Online extremism: the advent of encrypted private chat groups
11. Digitalising knowledge: education, libraries, archives
12. Digital art: hacktivism and social engagement
13. Indonesia and the digital economy: creative destruction, opportunities and challenges
14. A recent history of the Indonesian e-commerce industry: an insider's account
15. The Go-Jek effect
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About Author

Edwin Jurriens

Edwin Jurriëns is Lecturer in Indonesian Studies, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Melbourne; and Visiting Fellow, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales, Canberra.