Discoverybox Special Edition - Antiquity (single Issue)

Discoverybox Special Edition - Antiquity (single Issue)

DiscoveryBox Antiquity is an exciting journey to educate and nurture a child's inquisitive mind! Didn't get to travel this holiday? Now you can travel through time AND three different countries. In this Special Edition of DiscoveryBox, we’ll explore some of human civilizations greatest heights and innovations in the time of Antiquity.

What' inside:

- How the pyramids were constructed.
- Animal gods and Egyptian Culture.
- Ancient Greek mythology.
- Inventions from Antiquity.
- Roman Gladiators.
- And so much more!

Magazine information:

- Size: 28.5cm (H) x 18cm (W)
- Pages: 71

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  • Publisher : Bayard Press Asia
  • Weight : 130g
  • Product Code : DBX02
  • Dimension : 285 x 180 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : 9
  • Oldest Recommended Age : 14