Discoverybox Special Edition - The Great Explorers (single Issue)

Discoverybox Special Edition - The Great Explorers (single Issue)

DiscoveryBox The Great Explorers highlights some monumental moments in human history. Through the adventures of Marco Polo, the discoveries of Jacques Cartier, the first landing on the moon by Yuri Gagarin, and much more, readers will learn about exciting historical breakthroughs in discovering the world around us.

What’s inside:

- Marco Polo
- Jacques Cartier
- Maria Sibylla Merian
- Roald Amundsen
- Yuri Gagarin
- And so much more!

Magazine information:

- Size: 28.5cm (H) x 18cm (W)
- Pages: 60

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  • Publisher : Bayard Press Asia
  • Weight : 130g
  • Product Code : DBX03
  • Dimension : 285 x 180 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : 9
  • Oldest Recommended Age : 14