Dr.bei Bass Toothbrush - Bamboo Joint (2 Pieces)

Dr.bei Bass Toothbrush - Bamboo Joint (2 Pieces)

Use Toray’s anti-bacterial bristles imported from Japan.
Exclusive patented layout for gum protection Travel size packaging
Consists of 2 types of bristles for deep cleansing:
1. Toray Anti-bacterial Charcoal Bristles
2. Toray Anti-bacterial Silver Ion Bristles

The bristles consist of three different materials in different heights.
The upper flexible spiral-shaped bristles are with strong cleaning power.
The second layer antibacterial bristles can quickly remove dental plaque.
And the silver ions bristles on both sides are with the soft touch, can take good care of your gums.
Support the bass method.
Adopting a nickel silver plate to fix the bristles, corrosion-resistant,and antibacterial.
Unique rounded head, reduce the foreign mouth sensation, comfortable in your mouth.
The grip is slender and elastic. This lends it a classic stylish appeal and facilitates the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.
The rubberized area provides a firm grip and visually picks up the dominating bristle color.
It comes with carrying case, portable to carry.

What's Inside
1 X Black Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush(Bamboo)
1 X White Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush(Bamboo)

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  • Publisher : Wistech
  • Weight : 6g
  • Product Code : 6970763911032
  • Dimension : 76x23x213 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : na
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