Dr.bei Portable Water Flosser F2 Pink

Dr.bei Portable Water Flosser F2 Pink

Portable Water Flosser F2

Pulsed water columns wave Wave away various oral problems

Why tooth decay appears in spite of daily brushing?

Could the bad breath just go away?

Teeth are easily stuck by meat!

It's too expensive to see a dentist...

The teeth look yellower to red lips.

DR.BEI Portable Water Flosser F2 help to solve the above problems!

*120 days battery endurance is based on the usage frequency of 1 minute each time and one time per day under the Soft Mode.

1700 times/minute pulse cleaning
Distintegrate stubborn tartar

0.06mm fine nozzle
Clean blind oral cavity corners

3 variable frequency hydraulio
Provide the suitable one for you

120 days bettery endurance*
Bye to frequent charging

IXP7 waterproof
Wash teeth while taking a bath

FDA food certificate
Green and secure materials

30 seconds each day"

Keep oral problems away

*It's advised to use water flosser no less than 30s each time.

Intelligent constant pressure High technology requires

1700 times/minute
Constant pressure pulse pump

Strong pulsed water colomns
Even in low battery status

Upgrade made Flow controllable

The output water type is controllable according to personal use habbit

1/Flow control key
Water outputs/stops upon pressing
Long press to output and release to stop

2/Mode switch key
Short press to switch 3 hydraulic ressure modes
Long press to switch 2 water flow patterns

Tip: it's advised begin from the Soft Mode for new users and start up after the nozzle is put into mouth.

IPX7 waterproof

To flush it at ease
Water flosser also needs a bath

FDA food certification

The nozzle is made by food contact materials
Safe to put it into mouth for cleaning

For oral health, it's advised to replace nozzle every 3-6 months.

Nice looks and humanized design

Hidden storage nozzle
Away from dust pollution
Easier to carry around

Removable water tank
Easy to assemble/disassemble/clean
Stay away from germs

Rinse at random
Vertical pump design
Water outputs despite tilting


Product name: DR.BEI Portable Water Flosser F2
Product model: DR·BEI F2
Rated Voltage: 3.7V DC
Rated Power: 9W
Cleaning mode: 3 Modes
IP rating: IPX7
Net weight: 218g
Charging time: about 5.5 hours
Battery endurance: about 120 days

1 Set Comes with

- 1*Main Machine
- 1*Replaceable Nozzle
- 1*USB Cable
- 1*User Manual

Before Purchase Please Note
1.Packing in pictures is for reference only. Packing in kind shall prevail.
2.This is the Xiaomi eco-chain product, there is no any Xiaomi logo on it, thank you for your understanding.

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  • Publisher : Wistech
  • Weight : 413g
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  • Dimension : 80x65x234 mm
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