Dr.bei Portable Water Flosser Standard Nozzle (2 Pcs)

Dr.bei Portable Water Flosser Standard Nozzle (2 Pcs)

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Product specifications.
Product name: Water Flosser Functional Nozzle
Nozzle type
DR.BEI Portable Water Flosser Standard nozzle
DR.BEI Portable Water Flosser Tongue Coating
Cleaning Nozzle
DR.BEI Portable Water Flosser Orthodontics Nozzle
DR.BEI Portable Water Flosser Periodontal Pocket
Food Contact ABS

Packing specification: 2 pieces/box

Water Flosser Functional Nozzle

4 different functions Food contact materials

Swan neck design for ease of use

0.06mm ultra-fine pulse water column

Food contact materials to ensure safe touch with oral cavity

360° rotatable to clean every corner you want
Apply to DR.BEI Water Flosser GF3/F0

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Product Details

  • Publisher : Wistech
  • Weight : 11g
  • Product Code : 6970763913418
  • Dimension : 51x21x101 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : na
  • Oldest Recommended Age : na