Dr.bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush Head (sensitive) 2 Pieces

Dr.bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush Head (sensitive) 2 Pieces

The replacement toothbrush head is designed for DR.BEI C1 Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
- Made from German Pedex and Japan Toray
- Made of nylon brush with DuPont: strong toughness without hurting the gums
- Protect gums and make teeth stronger
- Remove dental plaque in the gingival sulcus
- Protect gums while brushing teeth
- 0.01mm Ultra Fine Anti-Bacteria Bristles
- Deep into teeth gaps for thorough cleaning
- 45 Degree Comprehensive Cleaning
- Regular replacement for efficient tooth brushing
- Rust-free, metal-free, environmentally friendly and healthy
- The slim, angled neck makes hard-to-reach areas easy to access.
- It's recommended that every brush head should be replaced after 3-month use

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Product Details

  • Publisher : Wistech
  • Weight : 34g
  • Product Code : 6970763911148
  • Dimension : 82x26x116 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : na
  • Oldest Recommended Age : na