Education	and	Globalization	in	Southeast	Asia:	Issues	and	Challenges

Education and Globalization in Southeast Asia: Issues and Challenges

by Lee Hock Guan

Prior to the era of globalization, education in Southeast Asia was viewed in the context of the national state and it was deployed in the service of state and nation-building and national economic development. States monopolized education, and public-funded centralized education systems were established to teach literacy, transmit national cultures and promote social cohesion, and to produce literate workers. Globalization forces, however, dramatically impacted in varying ways and degrees the national education systems across the region. As states begun to see their citizens as resources to enhance the countries' competitiveness in the global market, it, among other things, led to the increasing demand for highly skilled and qualified human capital. The accompanying neoliberal ideology led to varying degrees of decentralization, privatization and internationalization of education, especially of higher education, in Southeast Asia. 

The chapters in this volume focus on a number of issues and challenges confronting the education sector in Southeast Asia, including: 
(i) the contrasting language in education policy in Singapore and Malaysia; 
(ii) the introduction of an English-medium private education sector in Malaysia; 
(iii) the internationalization of Thai higher education; 
(iv) access and quality issues in the massification of Malaysian higher education; 
(v) secondary school quality and higher education participation in Indonesia;
(vi) equity, access and retention in primary school education in Malaysia; and
(vii) reforms in the primary and secondary education in Myanmar.

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Preliminary pages with Introduction
1. English in Singapore and Malaysia: Common Roots, Different Fruits
2. Globalization, Educational Language Policy and Nation-Building in Malaysia
3. Second-Order Change Without First-Order Change: A Case of Thai Internationalization of Higher Education
4. Higher Education in Malaysia: Access, Equity and Quality
5. Indonesian Higher Education: Gaps in Access and School Choice
6. Increasing Access to and Retention in Primary Education in Malaysia
7. Primary and Secondary Education in Myanmar: Challenges Facing Current Reforms

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About Author

Lee Hock Guan

Lee Hock Guan is Senior Fellow, Regional Social and Cultural Studies at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore.