Fandi: Honour & Sacrifice

Fandi: Honour & Sacrifice

by Durga Poonambalam

Writehaus Asia launched Fandi: Honour & Sacrifice on his birthday commemorating his 60 years. The biography written by Durga Poonambalam looks at Fandi Ahmad’s life and career and shares his 3DS (determination, dedication, discipline and sacrifice) philosophy that weaves throughout the book. The biography asks through Fandi’s reflections for people to consider what is needed to turn their ambitions into reality despite their challenges. It traces his childhood, early playing years, coming of age as a professional footballer, the highs and lows of his career, his transition into coaching, the important relationships in his life — with his parents, wife Wendy Jacobs, children and former teammates. through inspirational words from Fandi, illustrations and rarely seen photographs.

FANDI: Honour & Sacrifice, aimed at a multi-generational target audience, reveals Fandi’s dedicated and determined approach to fulfilling his life’s purpose while facing several challenges; many memories are recounted in the book. It paints a human portrait of a man who has always cherished the honour of playing for his country. It talks about the sacrifices, hard work, and grit it took Fandi to realise his dreams, some of which paved the way to honourable moments. “So many people helped make my dreams come true by believing in me. I desire to be that guiding light for just one person. Ultimately the goals I scored and my career is not what I want to leave behind, but how I continue my values, morals and ethics, I believe in the future,” shares Fandi in the book.

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  • Binding : Paperback
  • Number of Pages : 472
  • Publisher : WriteHaus Asia
  • Publication Date : 2022-05-29
  • Weight : 870g
  • Product Code : 9789811841064
  • Dimension : 228 x 152 mm