Frenemies (ask Emma Book 2)

Frenemies (ask Emma Book 2)

by Sheryl Berk, Carrie Berk

NEW IN PAPERBACK! When Emma and her two best friends find themselves at odds with one another, can Emma find a way keep the trio from becoming a duo? Find out in this second book in the brand-new middle grade series, Ask Emma, from the bestselling creators behind The Cupcake Club series!

Emma Woods is used to speaking her mind. She does it every day on her blog, Ask Emma. When her classmates at Austen Middle have a problem, Emma has an opinion on how to fix it. So when she learns her crush, Jackson Knight, is going to Washington, DC, to attend the National Student Congress, Emma is upset that she wasn't picked as a representative. When Principal Bates tells Emma the NSC needs students who are calm, cool, and collected---and neutral---Emma vows to be just that for forty-eight hours to prove to Mrs. Bates that she can do it.

But staying Swiss is proving more difficult than Emma thought it would be, especially when it comes to dishing out advice on her blog. Now her silence is causing more trouble than her opinions. Her best friends, Izzy and Harriet, misinterpret her restraint as negligence and stop speaking to her. Can Emma find a way to get her friends back and still stay cool as a cucumber?

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Product Details

  • Number of Pages : 224
  • Publisher : Yellow Jacket
  • Publication Date : 2021-05-01
  • Weight : 227g
  • Product Code : 9781642935776
  • Dimension : 140 x 208 x 15 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : 8
  • Oldest Recommended Age : 12

About Author

Sheryl Berk, Carrie Berk

Sheryl Berk most recently collaborated with Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn DiScala on her memoir, Wise Girl, and with Britney Spears on her autobiography, Stages. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Peter, and their own little miracle, daughter Carrie. Carrie Berk is an American writer, blogger, activist, and actor. With her mother Sheryl Berk, she has co-authored three children's and young adult novel series= The Cupcake Club, Fashion Academy, and Ask Emma. Berk is also the author of a style website, Carrie's Chronicles, and is an anti-bullying activist.