From	Free	Port	to	Modern	Economy:	Economic	Development	and	Social	Change	in	Penang,	1969	to	1990

From Free Port to Modern Economy: Economic Development and Social Change in Penang, 1969 to 1990

by Chet Singh

The 1950s saw Lim Chong Eu taking an increasingly central role in Malayan politics, moving from the exhilarating preparation for independence to him losing political influence by the end of the decade. The following decade saw him trying to revive his political fortunes, and finally succeeding at the ballot box in 1969. Becoming the Chief Minister of Penang State—retreating from national politics, as it were—provided him with the platform from which he would excel as nation builder and political leader. In the process, he contributed decisively to the industrialisation, not only of Penang but also of Malaysia as a whole. This collection of articles tells the story of how the declining fortunes of the port of Penang was turned around through daring and forceful leadership into the industrialised society that it is today.

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Preliminary pages
1. Lim Chong Eu and Penang: Glimpses of a Personal and Political Relationship
2. From Munro to Nathan: The Rise of a Modern Economy in Penang
3. Penang Development Corporation and Penang's Catalytic Transformation
4. Transition and Transformation: Local Government in Penang (1969–1976)
5. "Developmental" States and Economic Growth at the Sub-National Levels: The Case of Penang (1970–2005)
6. Industrialisation and Poverty in Penang
7. From Swamps to Semiconductors
8. Growing Global Production Sharing: The Tale of Penang Export Hub, Malaysia

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About Author

Chet Singh

Chet Singh was the first General Manager of the Penang Development Corporation (PDC), a post he held on until his retirement in July 1991. He has been actively involved as a Director of the Board of Penang Institute, and in 2010, he was made Special Adviser to the Chief Minister of Penang.