From	the	Ground	Up:	Perspectives	on	Post-Tsunami	and	Post-Conflict	Aceh	(Justice	and	the	Aceh	Peace	Process)

From the Ground Up: Perspectives on Post-Tsunami and Post-Conflict Aceh (Justice and the Aceh Peace Process)

by Patrick Daly ; R Michael Feener ; Anthony Reid

The tsunami that struck a dozen countries around the Indian Ocean on 26 December 2004 evoked international sympathy on a scale beyond any previous natural disaster. The international relief effort broke all records both in scale and diversity, with seven billion U.S. dollars donated from all over the world through public and private agencies for Sumatra alone. Simply as a reconstruction effort, therefore, the disbursement of those funds and the rebuilding of housing, infrastructure, and economy posed major national and international challenges. However this was not simply a reconstruction effort. Aceh at that time was a war zone, with Indonesias military engaged in a major operation to crush a separatist rebellion that had been simmering since 1976. Even though the funds had been donated for tsunami relief, any real reconstruction of Aceh had to consider the impact of the conflict on the well-being of the population, as well as governance and administrative capacities. This volumes serves the purpose not only of discussing some of the lessons of the Aceh reconstruction and peace processes, but also of maintaining critical links between Aceh and the international community after the initial tranches of aid expire.

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  • Publisher : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
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About Author

Patrick Daly ; R Michael Feener ; Anthony Reid

Patrick Daly is Research Fellow at the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore. ; R. Michael Feener is Sultan of Oman Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, United KIngdom. ; Anthony Reid is Emeritus Professor, School of Culture, History and Language, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.