Fulfilling Your Child’s Potential

Fulfilling Your Child’s Potential

by Sherry Tian

As parents, we have the responsibility to identify and surface our children's potential. In this clear and engaging book, Sherry Tian unveils the keys to unlocking and developing your child's potential. Filled with keen insights, practical tips and advice from educationists, psychologists and parents, Fulfilling Your Child's Potential widens your horizon and equips you to discover your child's intellectual, emotional, creative and social capabilities. This book offers guidance to parents to help them achieve their child's unique potential, to prepare their child for a lifetime of learning, to enrich their child's life and to develop their creativity. There is even a section on children with special needs.

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About Author

Sherry Tian

Born in Malaysia, Sherry Tian came to Singapore in 1975. She enjoyed a career in the retail industry before answering God's call to study Theology at Tung Ling Bible School in 1987. When older son Joel came along in 1989 followed by Jeremy in 1991, Sherry settled down to full-time motherhood. She credits God with being her pillar of strength, and her family for being supportive. She has contributed articles to her church newsletter and magazines such as Motherhood. She is also the author of We're Not Perfect, We're Just Parents and the 1996 publication of Fulfilling Your Child's Potential.