International Migration In Southeast Asia

International Migration In Southeast Asia

by Aris Ananta

Population mobility increases with economic development and globalization. The migration of people affects countries in many ways -- socially, economically and politically.
However, there are fundamental tensions in efforts to manage international migration in a globalizing world. On the one hand, business is transnational as it necessitates the unrestricted flow of people internationally. On the other hand, politics is still national.
n an integrated world economy, trade, flow of capital, flow of labour, flow of raw materials and technology are inter-related. This study therefore examines international migration in the context of an integrated world economy.
Specifically, it looks at the history of migration in modern Southeast Asia; investments, remittances and welfare; the vulnerability of workers; national migration policies; and the problem of irregular migrants.

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Aris Ananta

Aris Ananta is Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.