ISEAS	Perspective:	Watching	the	Indonesian	Elections	2014

ISEAS Perspective: Watching the Indonesian Elections 2014

by Ulla Fionna

"As the euphoria fades from the Jokowi presidency, this timely book reviews the processes that brought him to the top, and the processes that have undermined his initial standing. The nineteen articles by ten writers provide views from along the way, starting with a chapter on the Jakarta governor elections from November 2012 and preceding through the key events up to a contemporary assessment in February 2015. Several major clues to the current disillusion are provided in accounts of the legislative elections and the presidential campaigns. Key topics are vote buying, the Islamic factor, economic platforms, pluralism, economic challenges. Max Lane points to deep alienation from politics and the emergence of new unions and a new political arena. The ISEAS team provides a range of events and analyses that will be most useful to all students of current Indonesian politics; clear, concise, insightful."
David Reeve, Conjoint Associate Professor UNSW, ILTI Academic Coordinator ACICIS.

"This book effectively captures the dynamics of Indonesian politics by focusing on the various phenomena surrounding the 2014 elections. It begins this political journey with an analysis of the implementation of local autonomy, and the birth of a leader brave enough to challenge extant political elites. It further explores the application of political culture in campaigns, the shortcomings of elected leaders, and the inadequacy of a state obliged to accommodate various interest groups. Beyond all these, this book proves that the political culture approach remains crucial in investigating Indonesia's political realities."
Sukardi Rinakit, Political Analyst, Special Staff to President Joko Widodo

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  • Number of Pages : 184
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About Author

Ulla Fionna

Ulla Fionna is Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore