Japan's	ASEAN	Policy:	In	Search	of	Proactive	Multilateralism

Japan's ASEAN Policy: In Search of Proactive Multilateralism

by Sueo Sudo

The central puzzle in the study of Japanese foreign policy has been why Japan has continued to play a passive role in international affairs, despite its impressive economic and political power. Challenging this central puzzle, the core argument of this study is to present an alternative path for the study of Japanese foreign policy. In fact, in recent years Japanese foreign policy has become less dependent on the United States, more strategic towards Asia, and more energetic towards international and regional institutions. One of the main features is multilateralism in Japanese foreign policy, as shown by Japan's active participation in the regional institutions. In pursuing multilateralism, Japan cooperated closely with the only durable regional body in Southeast Asia, to wit, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Given the fact that East Asian regionalism has been driven by ASEAN, it is of utmost urgency to investigate the emerging partnership between Japan and ASEAN. The central thesis of this study is thus to put Japan's ASEAN policy into a proper perspective by asserting that Japan's new policy initiatives towards ASEAN are not reactive, nor are they exceptions in a broader framework of merely reactive foreign policy.

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Preliminary pages & Introduction
1. ASEAN in Japanese Multilateral Foreign Policy
2. Embarking on Japan's ASEAN Policy: The Limitation of the Mainstream
3. Straightening the ASEAN-Indochina Divide: The Pursuit of the Alternative Stream
4. Consolidating an ASEAN-centred Policy: The Challenge of the Intermediate Stream
5. Fortifying a Japan-ASEAN Strategic Partnership: The Resurgence of the Mainstream
6. Towards a New Regionalism in East Asia
7. Conclusion
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About Author

Sueo Sudo

Sueo Sudo is a professor of Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan.