by Lönnrot, Elias & Korpela, Jukka & Friberg, Eino

One of the great mythic poems of Europe' The New York Times

Sharing its title with the poetic name for Finland - 'the land of heroes' - Kalevala is the soaring epic poem of its people, a work rich in magic and myth which tells the story of a nation through the ages from the dawn of creation. Sung by rural Finns since prehistoric times, and formally compiled by Elias Lönnrot in the nineteenth century, it is a landmark of Finnish culture and played a vital role in galvanizing its national identity in the decades leading to independence. Its themes, however, reach beyond borders and search the heart of human existence.

Translated with an Introduction by Eino Friberg

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About Author

Lönnrot, Elias & Korpela, Jukka & Friberg, Eino

Elias Loennrot (1802-1884) was a Finnish physician, philologist and collector of traditional Finnish oral poetry.