Kobe: Life Lessons From A Legend

Kobe: Life Lessons From A Legend

by Nelson Pena

Sports legend Kobe Bryant’s guiding principles

Kobe Bryant’s incredible, record-shattering basketball career reads like a road map for the pursuit of greatness. Though he came onto the NBA scene brimming with talent, it was his relentless work ethic, his tireless pursuit of knowledge, his unflappable confidence, and his turbo-charged ambition--his "Mamba mentality"--that drove him to become an icon with a lasting legacy. Nelson Peña's Kobe: Life Lessons from a Legend offers court-side seats to the breathtaking highs and game-changing lows of Kobe Bryant’s life and reveals valuable insights for anyone who wants to make their own lofty dreams come true.

-Powerful quotes from The Black Mamba himself
-A biographical look at Kobe’s unique upbringing, his early start, and his long, celebrated career with the Los Angeles Lakers
-Original art that captures Kobe’s unique spirit on and off the court
-Timeless truths and uplifting life lessons to inspire your own path to excellence

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About Author

Nelson Pena

Nelson Peña is an award-winning writer and editor with a focus on creating empowering work that improves people’s lives. He is the former editorial director of special publications for a variety of leading media brands, including Men’s Health magazine. His book credits include 50 Truths Worth Knowing; 50 Things That Really Matter; CBD & You; and 100 Smart Choices= Easy Ideas for Living Healthier and Happier. Gilang Bogy creates digital illustrations for brands and companies around the world, including Coca-Cola Germany, Eurosport, and AIG Japan. His pop-art, geometric style takes its cues from his native Indonesia. You can see his latest work at Instagram.