Labour	Mobility	in	the	Asia-Pacific	Region:	Dynamics,	Issues	and	a	New	APEC	Agenda	(Index)

Labour Mobility in the Asia-Pacific Region: Dynamics, Issues and a New APEC Agenda (Index)

by Graeme Hugo ; Soogil Young

Driven by demographic changes, and reinforced by intensifying globalization, international labour mobility has been on the rise in recent decades in the Asia-Pacific region. It seems that, after trade and investment, labour mobility constitutes the final frontier for regional integration among the Asia-Pacific economies. There is no doubt that labour movements are integral to regional economic integration and critical to the long-term health of the regional economies and business operations. In reality, however, such movements are much burdened with political and social problems in the labour origin economies as well as the labour destination economies, and yet many of these problems remain not just unaddressed by the relevant governments but not even well studied.
The present volume seeks to fill this gap by offering synthesis papers stemming from the studies on international labour migration in twenty Asia-Pacific economies which were discussed at a joint PECC-ABAC conference held in Seoul, Korea, on 25-26 March 2008, organized by KOPEC. These papers examine the demographic transition, the associated pattern of international labour migration, the national policies associated with it as well as their implications for business and the issues they raise, and, finally, the implications of these analyses for cooperation among the APEC governments, for each of the four subregions in the Asia-Pacific, as well as for the whole region.





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  • Publisher : ISEAS
  • Publication Date : 2008-10-11
  • Product Code : 9789812308955C10

About Author

Graeme Hugo ; Soogil Young

Graeme Hugo is Professor of Geography and Director, National Key Centre for Social Application of Geographical Information Systems, University of Adelaide. ; Soogil Young, President of the National Strategy Institute, an independent think-tank in Seoul, has been serving as Chair of the Korea National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (KOPEC) since November 2006.