Law	and	the	Chinese	in	Southeast	Asia

Law and the Chinese in Southeast Asia

by M Barry Hooker

This collection of essays focuses on law and the diaspora Chinese. They show us a variety of answers to such questions as: what are the laws of China outside China; what are the laws of the Chinese in Southeast Asia; what were/are the laws for the Chinese in Southeast Asia; and is there a "Confucian Chinese"? The answers in some cases are reasonably certain but in others they are tentative and debatable. The legal material raises these issues in a way which is fundamental to diaspora studies.

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Preliminary pages
1. Law and the Chinese Outside China: A Preliminary Survey of the Issues and the Literature
2. The Legal Position of the Ethnic Chinese in Indochina under French Rule
3. Law and Memory, De Jure to De Facto: Confucianization and its Implications for Family and Property in Vietnam
4. English Law and the Invention of Chinese Personal Law in Singapore and Malaysia
5. The Indonesian Chinese: "Foreign Orientals", Netherlands Subjects, and Indonesian Citizens
6. Chinese Family Firms in Indonesia and the Question of "Confucian Corporatism"
7. China's Citizenship Law and the Chinese in Southeast Asia

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About Author

M Barry Hooker

M. B. Hooker was formerly Professor of Comparative Law at the University of Kent at Canterbury, and currently Adjunct Professor of Law at the Australian National University. He is author of A Concise Legal History of South-East Asia (Oxford= The Clarendon Press, 1978); and editor of Laws of Southeast Asia (2 volumes) (Singapore= Butterworths, 1986-88). He was also a founding editor of The Australian Journal of Asian Law.