Living	Next	to	the	Giant:	The	Political	Economy	of	Vietnam's	Relations	with	China	under	Doi	Moi

Living Next to the Giant: The Political Economy of Vietnam's Relations with China under Doi Moi

by Le Hong Hiep

This book examines how the interaction between political and economic factors under Doi Moi has shaped Vietnam's China policy and bilateral relations since the late 1980s. 

After providing a historical background, the book examines the conflicting effects that Doi Moi has generated on bilateral relations. It demonstrates that Vietnam's economic considerations following the adoption of Doi Moi contributed decidedly to the Sino-Vietnamese normalization in 1991 as well as the continuous improvements in bilateral ties ever since. At the same time, Vietnam's economic activities in the South China Sea and China's responses have intensified bilateral rivalry and put their ties under considerable strains. 

The book goes on to argue that Doi Moi has indeed brought Vietnam newfound opportunities to develop a multi-level omni-directional hedging strategy against China. Finally, the book concludes by looking at the prospects of democratization in both countries and assessing the future trajectory of their relations under such circumstances. 

As the most comprehensive and up-to-date survey of Vietnam's relations with China over the past thirty years, the book is a useful reference source for academics, policymakers, students, and anyone interested in contemporary Vietnam foreign policy in general and VietnamChina relations in particular.

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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction
2. The Historical Context of Vietnam–China Relations
3. Vietnam's Doi Moi and Its Quest for Normalized Relations with China
4. Overview of Vietnam's Economic Development and Relations with China under Doi Moi
5. The Political Economy Dimensions of Vietnam–China Economic Relations
6. The Economic Determinants of Vietnam's South China Sea Disputes with China
7. Vietnam's Hedging Strategy against China since Normalization
8. The Prospects of Democratization in Vietnam and China and Implications for Bilateral Relations
9. Conclusion: The Lessons of Doi Moi for Vietnam's China Policy
About the Author

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About Author

Le Hong Hiep

Le Hong Hiep is Visiting Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore, and Lecturer at the Faculty of International Relations, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.