Living	with	Uncertainty:	Social	Change	and	the	Vietnamese	Family	in	the	Rural	Mekong	Delta

Living with Uncertainty: Social Change and the Vietnamese Family in the Rural Mekong Delta

by Setsuko Shibuya

This book is one of the first ethnographies written on the life of farmers in rural Southern Vietnam since the economic reform in the 1980s. It investigates how social, economic and political factors affect the farmers' life in the Mekong Delta in the late socialist era with a particularly focus on the family, which serves as the basic and most significant social unit for the farmers. Dealing with classical anthropological topics of kinship and family, the book examines them as dynamic institutions. With vivid illustrations of the village life, family farming, education of children, jobs outside of farming and everyday politics, it presents new and different pictures of the current Vietnamese family under rapid social changes.

The book will contribute to the current ethnographical research in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and also be of particular interest to those working on society and culture in the geographical region from broader disciplines. It will also appeal to readers who are interested in such topics as late socialism, social transformation, and rural development.

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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction: Family and Society in Vietnam
2. On the Bank of the Mekong River
3. Family as the Social Unit
4. Farming Together
5. Working Outside of the Family
6. Education of Children and the Future
7. Feeling Poor
8. Social Change and the Family in the Rural Mekong Delta
About the Author

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About Author

Setsuko Shibuya

Setsuko Shibuya is Professor of Anthropology at Seisa University and Visiting Researcher at Showa Women’s University in Japan.