Magical Sand Slime Bundle (100g)
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Magical Sand Slime Bundle (100g)

Magical Sand Slime Bundle(100g)

Sensory play provides opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore through play.

This magical sand slime is super soft, stretchy, therapeutic and kids friendly as they are non-toxic.

Suitable for 3yo and above with parents' supervision

This bundle consists of:
-5 tubs of 100g sand slime
-1 mould or cutter in each tub
-10 random moulds or cutters
-1 tool at random

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Product Details

  • Publisher : OurOne&Only
  • Weight : 700g
  • Product Code : MSS100B
  • Dimension : 180x250x90 mm
  • Youngest Recommended Age : 3
  • Oldest Recommended Age : 10