Melowy vol. 1

Melowy vol. 1

by Cortney Faye Powell, Ryan Jampole

When flying unicorns called Melowies turn fourteen they go to school at Destino, a legendary castle hidden somewhere in the clouds. Here they develop their special power, which lies dormant in them until they finish school and discover their place in the world. What lies ahead for the impressive group of Electra, Selene, Kora, Maia, and Clio, each destined for their own paths? Dreams, adventure, and friendship around every corner!

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Product Details

  • Binding : Hardback
  • Number of Pages : 64
  • Publisher : Papercutz
  • Publication Date : 2018-12-06
  • Weight : 281g
  • Product Code : 9781545800027
  • Dimension : 236 x 156 x 9 mm

About Author

Cortney Faye Powell

RYAN JAMPOLE is a Harvey Award nominated comic artist. He hails from Queens, New York and attended the High School of Art & Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Ryan has drawn MEGA MAN and SONIC for Archie comics, DEXTER'S LABORATORY, and CODENAME KND for IDW and GERONIMO and THEA STILTON comics for Papercutz.