Mentor Mathematics Secondary Express Book 2 (2021 Edition)

Mentor Mathematics Secondary Express Book 2 (2021 Edition)

by Leong Wai Lup

Mentor Mathematics Secondary Express 2 is specially written for students preparing for the end-of-year examination in Mathematics. Materials presented in the book are relevant for students from both the 'O' Level and Integrated Programme (IP) tracks and serve to outline the fundamental mathematics knowledge and skills as prescribed in the latest syllabus.

This comprehensive study guide with its topical exercises comes complete with revision notes, worked examples, revision checklist and step-by-step solutions for optimal revision.

It is important for students to work on solving various types of questions so as to gain confidence and proficiency to score in their tests and examinations. The wide variety of exam-styled questions, categorised according to three levels of difficulty (namely Basic, Intermediate and Advanced), will meet the needs of every student.

Each topic in these books includes key mathematical concepts explained in a clear and concise style, adequate worked examples to enhance understanding of key concepts and various practice questions to test one’s understanding. In addition, the revision checklists and detailed step-by-step solutions provided are useful tools to help students prepare for their examinations more effectively.

Key Features include:


Comprehensive revision notes
Ample worked examples to teach key concepts

More than 500 questions in worked examples and exercises
Wide variety of exam-style questions
Questions categorised according to three difficulty levels
Mock End-of-Year examination papers
New trend real-world context problems for selected topics

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