Myanmar	Transformed?	People,	Places	and	Politics

Myanmar Transformed? People, Places and Politics

by Justine Chambers

The triumph of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy at the 2015 election was supposed to mark the consolidation of a reformist trajectory for Myanmar society. What has followed has not proved so straightforward. This book takes stock of the mutations, continuities and fractures at the heart of today’s political and economic transformations. We ask: What has changed under a democratically elected government? Where are the obstacles to reform? And is there scope to foster a more prosperous and inclusive Myanmar? With the peace process faltering, over 1 million people displaced by recent violence, and ongoing army dominance in key areas of decision-making, the chapters in this volume identify areas of possible reform within the constraints of Myanmar’s hybrid civil–military governance arrangements. 

This latest volume in the Myanmar Update Series from the Australian National University continues a long tradition of intense, critical engagement with political, economic and social questions in one of Southeast Asia’s most complicated countries. At a time of great uncertainty and anxiety, the 13 chapters of Myanmar Transformed? offer new and alternative ways to understand Myanmar and its people.

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Preliminary pages
1. Myanmar Transformed?
2. Documenting Social and Economic Transformation in Myanmar’s Rural Communities
3. Social Protection in Myanmar: A Key Mechanism for Political Legitimacy?
4. Health Service Delivery and Peacebuilding in Southeast Myanmar
5. Myanmar’s Rural Revolution: Mechanization and Structural Transformation
6. Change and Continuity: Capacity, Coordination and Natural Resources in Myanmar’s Periphery
7. Advocacy Organizations and Special Economic Zones in Myanmar
8. Explaining Naypyitaw under the National League for Democracy
9. Partnership in Politics: The Tatmadaw and the NLD in Myanmar
10. From Ceasefire to Dialogue: The Problem of “All-Inclusiveness” in Myanmar’s Stalled Peace Process
11. Securitization of the Rohingya in Myanmar
12. Forming an Inclusive National Identity in Myanmar: Voices of Mon People
13. Reflections on Myanmar Under the NLD so far
Abbreviations and Key Terms

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About Author

Justine Chambers

Justine Chambers is the Associate Director of the Myanmar Research Centre and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the Australian National University.