Pirates,	Ports,	and	Coasts	in	Asia:	Historical	and	Contemporary	Perspectives

Pirates, Ports, and Coasts in Asia: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

by John Kleinen

Pirates, Ports and Coasts in Asia aims to fill in some of the historical gaps in the coverage of maritime piracy and armed robbery in Asia. The authors highlight a variety of activities ranging from raiding, destroying and pillaging coastal villages and capturing inhabitants to attacking and taking over vessels, robbing and then trading the cargo and its people. Generally speaking, what connects these activities is the fact that they are carried out at sea, often in the coastal inshore waters, by vessels attacking other vessels or raiding coastal settlements. Acts of maritime piracy cannot be regarded as being located outside the relevant framework of the coastal zone. Coastal zones have therefore become highly desirable places, a circumstance which has transformed them into places subject to great social and ecological pressures. Piracy being the most dramatic of marginal(ized) maritime livelihood, this book brings the relationship between pirates, ports, and coastal hinterlands into focus.

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Preliminary pages
1. Pirates, Ports, and Coasts in Asia
2. Piracy in Asian Waters: Problems of Definition
3. Giang Binh: Pirate Haven and Black Market on the Sino-Vietnamese Frontier, 17801802
4. Tonkin Rear for China Front: The Dutch East India Companys Strategy for the North-Eastern Vietnamese Ports in the 1660s
5. South Fujian the Disputed Coast, Power and Counter-power
6. Maritime Piracy through a Barbarian Lens: Punishment and Representation (the S.S. Namoa Hijack Case, [189091])
7. Violence and Armed Robbery in Indonesian Seas
8. Robbers and Traders: Papuan Piracy in the Seventeenth Century
9. The Port of Jolo: International Trade and Slave Raiding
10. Pirates in the Periphery: Eastern Sulawesi 18201905
11. Suppressing Piracy in Asia: Decolonization and International Relations in a Maritime Border Region (the Sulu Sea), 195963
12. Contemporary Maritime Piracy in the Waters off Semporna, Sabah
13. Piracy in Contemporary Sulu: An Ethnographical Case Study

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About Author

John Kleinen

John Kleinen is an anthropologist and historian, and serves as an Associate Professor at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.