Powell  ]smith And Furmston's Building Contract Casebook

Powell ]smith And Furmston's Building Contract Casebook

by Michael Furmston

The interaction between general principles and the provisions of the standard building and construction contracts is a central feature of construction law. The major part of the law is laid down in decided cases, and construction professionals should be familiar with these cases but the information is scattered throughout a large number of law reports. The fifth edition of Powell Smith and Furmston's Building Contract Casebook is designed to help construction professionals become familiar with those key cases. It brings together a wide range of cases on the main aspects of the law of construction contracts, states the principle established by each case and gives a summary of the facts and the decision. For the majority of cases, verbatim extracts from the judgment are included. The casebook presents the leading cases on each topic, together with many lesser-known but important decisions. A number of useful decisions from the Commonwealth are also included. Throughout, the author's approach is practical rather than academic.

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