Primary Maths Tutor Using Heuristics 1

Primary Maths Tutor Using Heuristics 1

MATHEMATICS TUTOR: Maths Problem-Solver Using Heuristics is a new series of workbooks specially written for Primary 1 to 6 pupils, based on the latest Mathematics syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education. It aims to introduce pupils to alternative methods of solving mathematics problems using heuristics.
Heuristics can be defined as different methods that we can apply to solve non-regular mathematics problems.
Each chapter of the Workbook consists of a set of fully-worked examples followed by a set of Practice questions on a specific heuristic skill.
9 main heuristics skills will be introduced in each of the Workbooks in this series including:

  • Draw a Diagram

  • Make a List/Table

  • Guess and Check

  • Work Backwards

  • Simplify the Problem

  • Look for a Pattern

  • Act it Out

  • Draw a Model

  • Make an Assumption

By using the heuristic approach, pupils can learn to look at new mathematics problems they face with confidence and adopt different strategies to solve them.

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