Private	Passion:	The	Photographs	of	Pioneer	Politician	and	Diplomat	S.	Rajaratnam

Private Passion: The Photographs of Pioneer Politician and Diplomat S. Rajaratnam

Sinnathamby Rajaratnam was one of Singapore's founding fathers and her first Foreign Minister. While much has been written about his distinguished public career, which spanned almost thirty years, and his significant political accomplishments, this book is about his private passion for photography and introduces his photographic art to a wider audience for the first time. The introductory essay provides essential biographical information as well as new insights into the depths of Rajaratnam's nearly life-long interest in photography. This is followed by an album of images selected from the thousands that he left behind -- images from his student years in London, from his extensive travels, and from Singapore and his home surroundings. Thus the reader is introduced to another facet of this Singapore pioneer, namely his humanity and his quest for creative expression. Whilst the photographs can be enjoyed in and of themselves, they also invite the reader to consider the life and times of the man behind the lens.

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