Records,	Recoveries,	Remnants	and	Inter-Asian	Interconnections:	Decoding	Cultural	Heritage

Records, Recoveries, Remnants and Inter-Asian Interconnections: Decoding Cultural Heritage

by Anjana Sharma

Records, Recoveries, Remnants and Inter-Asian Interconnections: Decoding Cultural Heritage has its conceptual core the inter-regional networks of Nalanda Mahavihara and its unique place in the Asian imaginary. The revival of Nalanda university in 2010 as a symbol of a shared inter-Asian heritage is this collection’s core narrative. The multidisciplinary essays interrogate ways in which ideas, objects, texts, and travellers have shaped — and in turn have been shaped by — changing global politics and the historical imperative that underpins them. The question of what constitutes cultural authenticity and heritage valuation is inscribed from positions that support, negate, or reframe existing discourses with reference to Southeast and East Asia. 
The essays in this collection offer critical, scholarly, and nuanced views on the vexed questions of regional and inter-regional dynamics, of racial politics and their flattening hegemonic discourses in relation to the rich tangible and intangible heritage that defines an interconnected Asia.

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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction: Records, Recoveries, Remnants and Inter-Asian Interconnections — Decoding Cultural Heritage
2. Negotiating Place and Heritage: Creating Nalanda University
3. India, Magadha, Nalanda: Ecology and a Premodern World System
4. Collecting the Region: Configuring Bihar in the Space of Museums
5. Heritage Preservation in the Gaya Region
6. Setting the “Records” Straight: Textual Sources on Nland and Their Historical Value
7. “Central India Is What Is Called the Middle Kingdom”
8. The Object | The Tree: Emissaries of Buddhist Ground
9. Tracing Transregional Networks and Connections Across the Indic Manuscript Cultures of Nusantara (AD 1400–1600)
10. Seeking a Sufi Heritage in the Deccan
11. Archaeological Remains at Nalanda: A Spatial Comparison of Nineteenth Century Observations and the Protected World Heritage Site
12. A Heritage Gem Sits in the Heart of a City, Unacknowledged, Incognito: The Case for Recognizing Kolkata Chinatown as a Historic Urban Landscape
Nalanda-Sriwijaya Series

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About Author

Anjana Sharma

Anjana Sharma is Associate Professor in the Department of English and Founding Dean, Academic Planning, Nalanda University (2011–15).