Reforming	Corporate	Governance	in	Southeast	Asia:	Economics,	Politics,	and	Regulations

Reforming Corporate Governance in Southeast Asia: Economics, Politics, and Regulations

by Ho Khai Leong

This multi-disciplinary volume provides a critical examination of corporate governance reform in Southeast Asia especially after the Asian financial crisis in 1997. The weaknesses in the corporate sector, such as poor investment structure, weak legal and accounting systems, faulty financial practices, questionable political interventions, are some of the pertinent issues raised by the authors, who include legal specialists, corporate practitioners, economists, and political scientists. Policy measures to improve corporate transparency, institutional accountability, and fiscal prudence are also proposed. The volume provides interested readers and policy-makers in Southeast Asia with the most current research and policy options on corporate governance reform, and advocates more committed and effective governance changes in the future.










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Preliminary pages with Introduction by Ho Khai Leong
1. Corporate Governance: An Alternative Model
2. Political Institutions and Corporate Governance Reforms inSoutheast Asia
3. Disclosure, Reporting, and Derivative Actions: Empowering Shareholders in Southeast Asia
4. Governance Reforms in the Banking Sector in Southeast Asia: Economics and Institutional Imperatives
5. Corporate Governance Reforms in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges
6. Corporate Governance in Malaysia: Reforms in Light of Post-1998 Crisis
7. Indonesias Tolerated Low-Speed Reform of Corporate Governance
8. The Political Economy of Corporate Governance in Indonesia
9. Building Good Corporate Governance after the Crisis: The Experience of Thailand
10. National Corporate Governance Committee: Three Disciplines for Good Corporate Governance in Thailand
11. State of Corporate Governance Reforms in Singapore: Economic Realities, Political Institutions, and Regulatory Frameworks
12. Corporate Governance Reforms and the Management of the GLCs in Singapore: Pressures, Problems, and Paradoxes
13. From the Inside Out: Reforming Corporate Governance in the Philippines by Engaging the Private Sector
14. Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions: The Philippine Case
15. Promoting Good Corporate Governance Practices in Vietnam: A New Element in the Economic Reform Agenda
16. Corporate Governance in Vietnams Equitized Companies: Progressive Policies and Lax Realities

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About Author

Ho Khai Leong

Ho Khai Leong (Ph.D., Ohio State, 1988) is Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. He has taught at the Public Policy Programme, National University of Singapore and Department of Political Science, West Virginia University, and was a visiting scholar at Sophia University and a visiting fellow at the Japan Institute of International Affairs, Tokyo, Japan. His current research projects include corporate governance in Singapore, Malaysian and Singapore politics and China-ASEAN relations. His latest publications are The Politics of Policy-Making in Singapore (2000) (the new edition is published as Shared Responsibilities, Unshared Power. The Politics of Policy-Making in Singapore, 2003); Performance and Crisis of Governance of Mahathir’s Administration (co-editor and contributor, 2001); and China and Southeast Asia= Global Changes and Regional Challenges (co-editor and contributor, 2005). E-mail=