RSPB Spotlight Ospreys

RSPB Spotlight Ospreys

by Tim Mackrill

A hunting Osprey is one of the great sights of the natural world, and its fishing prowess is admired and revered around the globe. However, its penchant for taking fish from trout ponds resulted in a drastic decline in the UK with the species wiped out by human persecution and habitat loss. Thanks to concerted conservation efforts, it has made an encouraging comeback in recent decades, giving people across the country the chance to see this majestic hunter in action once again. This easy-to-read text explores all aspects of the Osprey's biology and ecology, including a detailed overview of the adaptations that make it such a skilled and proficient hunter. There is also a chapter dedicated to Osprey migration with a summary of the findings of groundbreaking satellite tracking research. Tim Mackrill also explores the relationship between humans and Ospreys, from the days of Shakespeare to the recent rise of Osprey tourism. The Spotlight series introduces readers to the lives and behaviour of our favourite animals with eye-catching colour photographs and informative expert text.

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About Author

Tim Mackrill

Tim Mackrill has been part of the Rutland Water Osprey team since 1997 when he was a volunteer aged 15. He joined the staff a few years later and since 2005 has been the team's Project Officer. In his spare time, Tim is also currently studying for and writing his PhD on Ospreys.