Sabotage: How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Get Out of Your Own Way

Sabotage: How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Get Out of Your Own Way

by Emma Gannon

We all have a relationship with self-sabotage, a tendency to put barriers in the way of our progression and our happiness - at home and at work, both on and offline. Sabotage is a book about challenging these behaviours, digging a little deeper into why that unhelpful voice can creep up on us. Procrastination, jealousy, inner critic: how can we overcome these obstacles? How do we stop getting in our own way? Exploring real-life stories of success and setbacks from leading cultural voices, Emma Gannon searches for experiences, solutions and ways to look differently at what's really holding us back. This is the handbook you need to slay your own sabotage.

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  • Binding : Hardback
  • Number of Pages : 128
  • Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
  • Weight : 160g
  • Product Code : 9781529340013
  • Dimension : 180 x 114 x 14 mm

About Author

Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon is a Sunday Times bestselling business author, novelist and podcast host. She has been published in the Guardian, Elle and Glamour and has been a columnist for The Sunday Times, Telegraph and Courier magazine. She is the host of the award-winning CTRL, ALT, DELETE podcast which has reached 7 million listeners in over 100 countries. Emma is the author of three previous books including The Multi-Hyphen Method and her debut novel, Olive.