Singapore Lectures	1980-2018: A Selection

Singapore Lectures 1980-2018: A Selection

by Malcolm Cook

Over the last 40 years, the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute has been honoured to partner with the Singapore government in hosting 44 Singapore Lectures. The Singapore Lecture series is a unique public platform for world leaders and experts visiting Singapore that reflects the city-state’s role as a global hub of ideas and diplomacy. The 21 lectures chosen for this 40th anniversary volume chart the fundamental changes in the global economy and the inter-state system that Southeast Asia and Singapore have successfully navigated over these four momentous decades. 

"The Singapore Lectures reflect the city-state’s progress for the past forty years. This selection skilfully captures the highlights from the way Singapore began to learn to read the world to how it became an open and inclusive site of globalization.  
The collection might do more. The leaders from the five continents who spoke at ISEAS had come to share their experiences, their wisdom and, not least, their dreams. Following what they offered gives us a multifaceted picture that is instructive. It gives readers the chance to review an era of intense rivalry during which political conflicts were accompanied by unprecedented economic growth, when lessons were learnt from tragic failures and leaping successes. 
Read together, the lectures give us hope in a time of unprecedented global turmoil: there will surely be future leaders who could find ways to rid the world of its demons."
--Wang Gungwu, Professor, National University of Singapore (NUS), and former Chairman of the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute Board of Trustees

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Preliminary pages with Introduction
1. The Invisible Hand in Economics and Politics
2. American Foreign Policy: A Global View
3. The Soviet Union: Challenges and Responses as Seen from the European Point of View
4. Trends in the International Financial System
5. Regionalism, Globalism and Spheres of Influence: ASEAN and the Challenge of Change into the 21st Century
6. US Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region: Meeting the Challenges of the Post-Cold War Era
7. India and the Asia-Pacific: Forging a New Relationship
8. Australia, Asia and the New Regionalism
9. South and Southern Africa into the Next Century
10. China and Asia in the New Century
11. Global Values: The United Nations and the Rule of Law in the 21st Century
12. Peace on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia
13. Japan and ASEAN in East Asia: A Sincere and Open Partnership
14. EU and Asia: Sharing Diversity in an Inter-regional Partnership
15. Global Challenges in the 21st Century: A View from Chile
16. Indonesia: The Challenge of Change
17. Japan and ASEAN, Always in Tandem: Towards a More Advantageous Win-Win Relationship through My “Three Arrows”
18. Forging a Strong Partnership to Enhance Prosperity of Asia
19. India’s Singapore Story
20. The Netherlands, Singapore, Our Regions, Our World: Connecting Our Common Future
21. Democratic Transition in Myanmar: Challenges and the Way Forward
The Singapore Lecture Series
The Editors

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