Singapore	Women's	Charter:	Roles,	Responsibilities	and	Rights	in	Marriage

Singapore Women's Charter: Roles, Responsibilities and Rights in Marriage

by Theresa W. Devasahayam

The chapters in this book are an assembly of commentaries by a distinguished team of specialists on the social impact of the Singapore Women's Charter on women and men. The Women's Charter is the main legislation protecting women's rights in the context of the family in Singapore. Highlights of this book include the reasons for legislation to protect women's rights in marriage; how the legislation came about; case studies from Southeast Asia; how the Singapore Women's Charter evolved and became established; how the Charter goes beyond protecting women's rights by reinforcing mens and women's obligations and duties in a marital partnership; how the Charter has come to be perceived by men and women especially in its enforcement in the context of divorce; and the social repercussions of the Charter on the family in its application. There has been ongoing discussion on the implications of the Charter on the lives of Singaporean women and men for some years since its implementation. The purpose of this book is to enrich our understanding of this legislation, its objectives, efficacy and shortfalls.

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Preliminary pages
1. Legal Mechanisms for Protecting Women's Rights: Examples from Southeast Asia
2. The Women's Charter, 1961: Where We Were Coming From and How We Got There
3. Significant Provisions in the Women's Charter
4. A Lawyer's Perspective on How Divorcees View the Women's Charter
5. "The Morning After": Understanding and Exploring the Psychosocial Impact of the Women's Charter on Families Experiencing Domestic Violence
6. Epilogue: Some Thoughts on Protecting Women's Rights in the Family and Beyond

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  • Number of Pages : 200
  • Publisher : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
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About Author

Theresa W. Devasahayam

Theresa W. Devasahayam is Fellow and Gender Studies Programme Coordinator at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore.