Southeast Asian Affairs 2015

by Daljit Singh

"Southeast Asian Affairs is the only one of its kind: a comprehensive annual review devoted to the international relations, politics, and economies of the region and its nation-states. The collected volumes of Southeast Asian Affairs have become a compendium documenting the dynamic evolution of regional and national developments in Southeast Asia from the end of the 'second' Vietnam War to the alarms and struggles of today. Over the years, the editors have drawn on the talents and expertise not only of ISEAS' own professional research staff and visiting fellows, but have also reached out to tap leading scholars and analysts elsewhere in Southeast and East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, North America, and Europe. A full list of contributors over forty years reads like a kind of who's who in Southeast Asian Studies.

Regardless of specific events and outcomes in political, economic, and social developments in Southeast Asia's future, we can expect future editions of Southeast Asian Affairs to continue to provide the expert analysis that has marked the publication since its founding. It has become an important contributor to the knowledge base of contemporary Southeast Asia."

                                                                                                            - Donald E. Weatherbee, Russell Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina

The e-chapter on " Seeking Stability in Turbulent Times: Southeast Asia's New Normal? " ,  is downloadable free of charge.

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Preliminary pages
Seeking Stability in Turbulent Times: Southeast Asia's New Normal?
China's Two Silk Roads Initiative: What It Means for Southeast Asia
Southeast Asian Economies: Striving for Growth
Brunei Darussalam: A Time for Stock Taking
Cambodia in 2014: The Beginning of Concrete Reforms
The Cambodian People Have Spoken: Has the Cambodian People's Party Heard?
Indonesia in 2014: Jokowi and the Repolarization of Post-Soeharto Politics
Junctures of the Old and New: The 2014 Indonesian Elections
ISIS in Indonesia
Laos: The Dangers of Developmentalism?
Malaysia in 2014: A Year of Political and Social Ferment
The Hudud Controversy in Malaysia: Religious Probity or Political Expediency?
Myanmar in 2014: 'Tacking Against the Wind'
Ongoing Conflict in the Kachin State
The Philippines in 2014: The More Things Stay the Same
Typhoon Yolanda: The Politics of Disaster Response and Management
Singapore in 2014: Managing Domestic and Regional Concerns and Signalling a New Regional Role
Managing Cyberspace: State Regulation versus Self-Regulation
Thailand in 2014: The Trouble with Magic Swords
What Went Wrong with the Thai Democracy?
Timor-Leste: The Two Sides of Success
Vietnam in 2014: Crisis with China Makes Headlines
Vietnam's Online Petition Movement

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About Author

Daljit Singh

Daljit Singh is Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore.