Team Hero: Revenge of the Dragon: Series 3 Book 4

Team Hero: Revenge of the Dragon: Series 3 Book 4

by Adam Blade

X-Men meets Beast Quest at the school for superheroes! An epic new adventure series from bestselling author Adam Blade - with amazing comic-book style illustrations. Join Team Hero for a fiery showdown! Team Hero's great enemy Raina the Vile has recovered her full powers, and is ready to destroy the world with her burning vengeance. Only Jack, Ruby and Danny can stop her now! There are FOUR thrilling adventures to collect in this series - don't miss out!

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Product Details

  • Binding : Paperback / softback
  • Number of Pages : 128
  • Publisher : Orchard Books
  • Publication Date : 2018-06-14 00:00:00
  • Weight : 120g
  • Product Code : 9781408352014
  • Dimension : 196 x 128 x 12 mm

About Author

Adam Blade

Adam Blade is the name for a small collective of authors who write the bestselling series Beast Quest, as well as Adam Blade's other series= Team Hero, Beast Quest= New Blood and Space Wars. Beast Quest has now sold over 11 million copies. Find out about all these books and more at!