The	Historical	Construction	of	Southeast	Asian	Studies:	Korea	and	Beyond

The Historical Construction of Southeast Asian Studies: Korea and Beyond

by Park Seung Woo

​"At a time when Southeast Asian Studies is declining in North America and Europe, this book serves to remind us of the fresh, constructive and encouraging view of the field from Asia. On behalf of Taiwan’s Southeast Asian research community, I sincerely congratulate Professors Park and King for making such a great and timely contribution to the making of Southeast Asian Studies in Asia."
—Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, Director of Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, and former President of Taiwan Association of Southeast Asian Studies

"The Historical Construction of Southeast Asian Studies: Korea and Beyond is an important and long-overdue step in the task of bringing Southeast Asian Studies to where it rightfully belongs - the Asian region. At the same time, it avoids being narrowly regionalistic and instead views Southeast Asia as an 'open system' that transcends 'national units' or 'fixed territorial categories' and welcomes the contributions of both Asian and non-Asian scholars in crafting a fresh post-colonial approach to the study of the region’s societies and peoples."
—Eduardo Climaco Tadem, Professor of Asian Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman

“An insightful and systemic analysis of the intriguing trajectories, evolving themes, and multi-lingual scholarship of Southeast Asian Studies in Asia and beyond, this book serves as an important foundation in setting future research agendas as well as for closer global collaborations in knowledge production in Asian Studies.”
—Liu Hong, Tan Kah Kee Professor and Chair, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction: The Historical Construction of Southeast Asian Studies and the Emergence of a Region
2. Southeast Asian Studies in China: Progress and Problems
3. Studies of Southeast Asian History in Contemporary Japan: The 1990s and 2000s
4. The Historical Construction of Southeast Asian Studies in Korea
5. Contentious Development: Southeast Asian Studes in Singapore
6. The Construction and Institutionalization of Southeast Asian Studies in Vietnam: Focusing on Insiders' Perceptions and Assessment
7. Popular Culture for a New Southeast Asian Studies?
8. British Perspectives on Southeast Asia and Continental European Comparisons: The Making of a Region
9. It is Hard to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, But There is Life in It Yet: The Decolonization of Indonesian Studies in the Netherlands
10. A Genealogy of Southeast Asian Studies in Australia: Scholars and Their Works
11. Southeast Asian Studies in the U.S.: Construction of Traditions of an Autonomous History, Its Limitations, and Future Tasks

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About Author

Park Seung Woo

Park Seung Woo is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Multicultural Education and Research Institute at Yeungnam University in Korea.