The Invitation

The Invitation

by Howard Pearlstein

Blue got a birthday party invitation. So did Red. And Yellow and Green and Pink and Purple. Everyone got an invitation. Everyone except Orange. Why didn’t Orange get an invitation?

The Invitation: An Orange Porange Story encourages young readers to ask questions and express themselves as they look for clues to solve the mystery.

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Product Details

  • Binding : Hardback
  • Number of Pages : 32
  • Publisher : Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
  • Weight : 400g
  • Product Code : 9789814974073
  • Dimension : 250 x 250 mm

About Author

Howard Pearlstein

The Author

Howard Pearlstein is an advertising creative director. He has spent his entire career writing ads for some of the world’s most popular brands, including Toyota, Verizon and Mitsubishi. A California native, Howard now lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, Debi. Howard has three daughters, Amanda, Jacquie and Emily, who now live across the country, and one dog, Maeby, who still lives at home.

The Illustrator

Rob Hardison is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator based in Birmingham, Alabama. After a career creating advertising campaigns, logos, and package designs, he is thrilled to be illustrating children’s picture storybooks that his children will soon be old enough to read.